Marble & Granite are one of the beauties of nature that takes millions of years to form, and each kind of marble represents the geological location where it is extracted from, and as a major producer of Egyptian marble & granite we know that marble is a unique product that can be used with many & different beautiful ways that adds luxury to your life ...
MARMO TRADING for long years
committed with using the best Italian machinery brands in order to guarantee
the best quality for our valuable ...
a leading Egyptian manufacturer and exporter for different types of marble & granite
MARMO TRADING for Marble & Granite is considered one of the leading companies in the field of marble and granite in Egypt. We can be distinguished for our quality, for which it can satisfy all of our clients and our design for the materials of marble and granite. Through a wide network of importers, we export to many countries around ...
MARMO TRADING offering you a big variety of different finishing types applied to our Egyptian marble materials with a high quality of finishing using the latest Italian machinery.
In order to serve our clients in the best way we are offering our clients all worldwide known loading ways for all our marble & granites products range of blocks, slabs, and tiles.
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